Why are people so ridiculous? I can’t believe some people and the way they conduct themselves. I work in an office and for the most part there is very little drama. I know, right? Office jobs generally have a ton of back biting and the such. I have to say we don’t. We have a few people that enjoy drama. Seems to me they have low self esteem and try to make others look bad so they can appear better. Which frankly is ridiculous. If you can barely do your job, then most people are smart enough to know that you’re being ridiculous. It’s sad to me that they don’t have anything better to do with their time. I would think they would take the time and try to improve themselves so maybe they would have a foundation for their slanderous comments.

If you put the time in and do your homework you can get ahead in your job. Even if you don’t play the “game” it will payoff. It may take time but you can. Why become fake and something you don’t like to get ahead. It sets a bad precedent in general. Yes, I am aware it happens all the time, but who do we hate the most? The people who do the work, or the people who brown nose?

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keep surviving


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