Finished watching Justified on Amazon. I discovered it last year and watched all the season’s that were out there, but waited till they put out the 6th and final season. It was really quite good. Though at times I did get a little tired of the squinty eyes from Raylan. Not to mention Boyd’s teeth. Wow for being a hillbilly he certainly had white teeth. Makes you wonder how much time he was supposed to have spent on dental hygiene.

Overall I have no real complaints about the show. It was a decent show. I will say I did want Raylan and  Wynona to end up together, but I will settle for them being friendly. One other thing is that it would have been a good twist if the ADA Vasquez would have had a hand in getting AvA out. How would that have worked? I don’t know but by the end of the show I didn’t like him and so he needs to have been dirty or something. I know that’s probably not fair, but hey that’s my opinion. Also, was glad to see ‘John Wayne’ get shot in the end. Anybody else just find his character annoying? I mean I get it, but it certainly made you want him to die.

I thought about being in law enforcement once. Figured it probably was not for me. I think it would have been fun to do something to do with chasing down people committing fraud. Make them pay for the crap they pull on people. So many of them could probably have decent jobs. They have a set of skills. Some of them would be great at sales. Who knows what they could do if they put there minds to doing something legitimate. I suppose crime pays faster though.

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keep surviving


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